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Why do I sew my products by hand? The legendary Saddle Stitch

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In a modern production facility, nearly every step can be automated or mechanized in some way. It has made it possible for us to make goods quicker, cheaper, and more consistently than ever before, and has revolutionized the world.

This Pretzelbot is a delicious example of how machines have revolutionized production.

But not everything new is better. Sometimes new technology displaces older technology that was in many ways superior. There are a number of examples for this, but what I'm referring to in this case is the introduction of sewing machines as opposed to a traditional technique called Saddle Stitching.

Machine sewing uses a lock stitch, while my hand-sewn products use a saddle stitch. Using a saddle stitch provides a superior finish because it uses two needles and passes the thread through each hole twice, doubling the strength of machine-stitched leather.

Saddle stitch in progress

With a machine-sewn lock stitch, if one stitch unravels they can all unravel. With saddle stitching, if one stitch breaks, the other side will keep it together. It can last a long, long, long time.

How long will a saddle stitch last?

In addition to the strength and durability, saddle stitching is more visually appealing, with its characteristic "diagonal" appearance.

"Diagonal" stitches are the sign of a good saddle stitch

And lastly, making products by hand is simply more satisfying. I know I'm improving a skill that's been used for decades, if not hundreds of years. There's something undeniably cool about that.

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