From Hobby to Full Time

Hi. I'm Glen Rosenthal, founder and maker at Cave Leather Co. I've been working with leather since 2016, originally as nothing more than a hobby. I've always been a "maker"... starting with Legos as a kid and later progressing to more traditional materials like wood, concrete, and metal. It wasn't until I bought an Apple Watch that I considered working with leather. I knew I didn't want to use the usual rubber band that came with it for long, but I couldn't find something that was both good looking and affordable. I decided to go the DIY route.

Stumbling into a business

I picked up a bag of remnant pieces from my local Tandy Leather and started experimenting. In the early days I had nothing more than a ruler and an Xacto knife. I had a cheap band from Amazon that was sacrificed for the special Apple Watch adapters. It wasn't long before the original Two-Stitch Button Stud Watch Strap was made. I only ever intended to make the one for myself, but before long  strangers started asking where I got my band from. 

Flying Solo

At the time I was actually working, and had been working for years, at an Apple Store as a Genius. It was often a customer who asked about my watch band. I would tell them I made it and they would often reply with "You should sell that!" I was hesitant but I eventually decided it couldn't hurt to start an Etsy shop.

Fast forward to February 2018 and I am now working on Cave full time. I had to walk away from the company I loved to pursue my own creative potential. Plus, Apple wasn't so keen on my selling a competing product. 

A One Man Operation

Everything you see here has been designed, cut, photographed, hand stitched, packaged, and shipped by me. I'm lucky to be able to keep every aspect of my work in my own hands, and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.

I use traditional leatherworking techniques and the highest quality leather I can find. It's all to make the best handmade goods possible.

I love making things. I'm excited to make something for you.

- Glen