update 7/19/21: Shop temporarily on pause while I work to finish all unfulfilled orders. I took some time out of the shop to get Married 🙂…but I underestimated how long it would take for my routine to get back to “normal” 😣 I’m so sorry for the wait, especially if you have an order that’s already past due. I’m getting everything out as soon as I possibly can! Thank you for the unbelievable amount of love and support. -Glen
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I offer three sizes for my Apple Watch Bands

S/M: 5" - 7"
M/L: 6" - 8"
XL: 7" - 9”

For most people, a M/L is best. Follow the steps below if you're not sure.

Measure your wrist using a measuring tape or a wrap a strip of paper around your wrist. When using a strip of paper, mark the spot where the strip overlaps with itself, then measure it with a ruler. If you find yourself near the upper size limit of one size, I recommend going up a size. For example, if your wrist measures 6.5" you can fit either a S/M or M/L. Since it's close to the upper limit of S/M I'd recommend choosing M/L. 👍