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Custom Template Digitization

Do you want to have custom templates or clicker dies made for your leatherwork but don’t know how to digitize your drawings? 

I’m your guy. I will turn your design sketches into a pixel perfect digital file, ready to be sent to your die maker, laser cutter, or 3D printer. 

My 15+ years experience with graphic design software combined with my knowledge as a professional leatherworker make me uniquely suited for the job.  


Here's how it works:

  1. Email your design sketches at with all dimensions labeled, as well as photos of the cutout leather pieces to hi@caveleather.com
  2. I will examine the design, ask for any additional info I may need, and send you a quote.
  3. Once we agree on the price I will create your files and send you the first draft.
  4. You'll have the opportunity to make any corrections or edits necessary until it's 100% absolutely perfect 👌 


All projects have a base starting price of $25. Depending on the complexity of the design this price may go up. Below is an example of a drawing I can work with on a project that would cost the base fee of $25:


An example of a sketch I can work with


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What can my files be used for?

Templates can be made from a variety of materials. Each has its pros and cons.

Injet/Laser Printed Paper
Pros - cheap, easy, readily available
Cons - flimsy, imprecise

3D printed Plastic
Pros - precise, can be made at home with ~relatively~ inexpensive equipment
Cons - most people don't have a 3D printer, prints are less sturdy than acrylic 

Laser cut Acrylic
Pros - strong, precise, relatively inexpensive to have made
Cons - requires expensive equipment or a professional service, still requires you to trace and cut out each piece manually

Steel rule die aka "clicker dies"
Pros - the fastest way to cut accurate, consistent pieces 
Cons - dies are expensive and require an expensive hydraulic press to actually use them, accuracy of dies isn’t perfect, larger dies may not work well with some presses 



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